Chimacum Arts & Crafts Fair

Chimacum High School FEED Truck Debuts at Chimacum Arts & Crafts Fair

Chimacum Junior/Senior High School has been cooking up something special–a new school-based food truck. The Chimacum FEED Truck (Food, Education & Enterprise Development,) is the first of its kind in public schools across Washington State; a mobile food establishment operated as a school-based enterprise, where students in Culinary Arts develop the menu and participate in […]

Meet The Potters at Chimacum Arts & Crafts Fair

Millbrook Clayworks Millbrook Clayworks is a pottery studio and gallery located in Port Hadlock (on Chimacum Road).  It was started in 2007 and continues to be the place where Todd and Sarah (along with their two daughters) make functional ceramic art…mostly dishware.  Stoneware clays (white and tan/brown colors) and a potters’ wheel are used to form the […]