Chimacum Arts & Crafts Fair

The Chimacum Arts and Crafts Fair is an iconic, high-quality, destination event that draws people from around the region. It showcases the spirit of East Jefferson County and Chimacum High School, while:

  • Raising money for school programs: our home and our focus is Chimacum Schools, but we also consider projects that benefit our other public schools
  • Supporting our local Maker’s Economy
  • Providing a marketplace for youth and nonprofit program fundraisers
  • Building community

In the last 36 years The Chimacum Arts and Crafts Fair has donated over $500,000 to schools and school groups in East Jefferson County.

Chair – Flavia Heineman

Treasurer – Cammy Brown

Interum Secretary – Cammy Brown

Board Members – Carol West, Maggie Smith, Chris Alm, Audrey Delmore and Shelby Smith

Fair Coordinator – Tami Robocker, 360-821-9114


P.O. Box 355  Chimacum WA. 98325