• Chimacum Community Portrait

    Chimacum Community Portrait

  • Chimacum High School Student Volunteers

    Chimacum High School Student Volunteers

  • Flying Swans at Dawn - Keith Lazelle

    Flying Swans at Dawn - Keith Lazelle

Attention Chimacum Arts and Crafts Fair vendors,

We deeply appreciate your consistent participation in our Fair and your sustained interest in this year’s event!

Unfortunately, like many of our beloved local traditions we have chosen to cancel this year’s Fair due to public health considerations as well as the Chimacum School’s closure for public events. As a Board we discussed options for hosting a digital Fair and have decided that we do not have the bandwidth to pull that off this year.

We are extremely excited to come back together in 2021 for another magnificent Fair and will be in touch as soon as soon as we are ready to launch vendor applications. Mark your calendars for December 11th & 12th, 2021!!!

We truly wish you all the best through these crazy times and look forward to next year’s celebration.

Blessings, gratitude and good tidings to you all!

The Craft Fair Team

Flavia Heineman
Carol West
Chris Alm
Audrey Delmore
Tami Robocker
Maggie Smith
Shelby Smith
Jane Hall
Danny Milholland


2020 Posters designed by Chimacum High School Students

The cow eating garland- Bjorn Danaan/Devas


The Reindeer- Kenny Avocato


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